Arizona Rebate Realtor


Do a little research and be rewarded……

  • Search online…. MLS Search or Custom Search provided by Realty AAAssociates.
  • Call or e-mail Realty AAAssociates with the addresses or MLS #’s, we will research the listings and check availability and update you.
  • Drive by selected homes (exterior and neighborhood inspection)
  • Call or e-mail Realty AAAssociates to inspect the interior. We will schedule a viewing appointment and show you the home(s).
  • Realty AAAssociates will prepare your offer (pricing and comparable sales information is available).
  • Realty AAAssociates negotiates with the seller.
  • We get you the best price and handle counter offers, contingencies, and inspections.
  • We guide you through the closing process. 1/2 of the real estate sales commission is given to you (average client earns $6,000). Commissions are normally 3% of the sale price.

CONDITIONS: A Pre-Qualification Form must be completed by your lender stating pre-approval for financing. In the case of a “Cash Sale” proof of funds is required before we visit homes and negotiate a purchase. Buyers must request the “Rebate Program” upon contacting Realty AAAssociates. A minimum commission of $2,200 or 1.5% of the sales price goes to Realty AAAssociates. That’s all there is to it; now we are a team.





To earn 1/2 of the Sales Commission we must accompany you to the Builder’s Model Home Complex on your first visit to “Register You” as a Realty AAAssociates Client. Sorry, most AZ Home Builders are very strict about the registration requirements. Most New Home Builders agree to pay a 3% Sales Commission which is built into the sale price. Realtor sales are a large part of the Builders Total Sales and will not give discounts when buyers deal direct (to preserve their agreement). Need help finding a Home Builder? Just let us know.